After the most recent announcement on Covid-19 we will unfortunately be remaining closed, at least until 26th April.
As the school ponies haven't been ridden since December, we are trying to get them fit again, and are considering bringing lessons back gradually to ease them into working again!

We will be looking at our lesson schedule over the next couple of weeks and getting in touch with existing clients with regard to lesson times.
We already have a waiting list for spaces, if you would like to be included on this please text your details to Tracey 087 9576481

Quinn's Streamside Stables

Meet Our Team


A Picture of our horse Tony

Tony is a very well behaved pony who is suitable for every kind of rider and loves showjumping.


A Picture of our horse Duloc

Duloc small bay cob who isn't fussy, he just likes food.


A Picture of our horse Shakira

Shakira is a very friendly cob who loves it when she gets a scratch after a long ride


A Picture of our horse Luna

Luna is a big coloured cob who is more than happy to take the lead


A Picture of our horse Fudge

Fudge is a small dun pony who is very friendly and she loves mints


A Picture of our horse Troy

Troy is young cob and his favourite passtime is to follow people around the field for food and attention.


A Picture of our horse Buttons

Buttons is a small pony who loves to meet new children